Adaptive Cyber Manufacturing (ACM) Through Online Human-AI Partnerships

Automation, artificial intelligence, and sensors are creating new manufacturing and distribution processes. Digitized robots perform tasks (or collaborate), and humans supervise manufacturing and quality. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new manufacturing norm involving a remote workforce, leading to a shortage of staff where in-person human operations are still required. New technologies are needed to bridge this gap and help industries adapt to the new standard of manufacturing.

Researchers at Florida Atlantic University have developed a new cyber manufacturing platform comprising a virtual environment for production line workers. It enables employees to accomplish daily tasks in real-time through virtual meetings with robotic-arm (any robotic system) partners. Factory workers can meet with robotic-arm partners through video communication systems to perform tasks in the factory. In addition, the system adjusts its behavior (e.g., slowing) to respond to a worker’s emotional state, such as trust, fatigue, and other parameters.