Accommodative Facility Worksheets

  • Worksheets designed for use during accommodative facility training
  • Designed to be more engaging for patients than traditional accommodative facility training materials

A team from the UAB School of Optometry has created a series of worksheets designed for use during accommodative facility training.Accommodation is the act of focusing the eyes to clear a near target. Accommodative facility is the act of changing focus back and forth from distance to near. Optometric patients who have very slow accommodative facility may experience intermittent blur and/or fatigue with visual tasks. Treatment for poor accommodative facility is vision therapy using alternating plus (relaxing) and minus (tightening) lenses. During accommodative facility training, patients typically view a near target while switching lenses from plus to minus, forcing the eyes to adjust focus from tightening to relaxing with each change of the lens. These worksheets are intended to be used as targets during this training. They have been specially designed to be optimize stimulation of focusing accuracy and to keep a wide variety of patients, including very young children, engaged in the accommodative facility training process.

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