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Sales People

Phuong Thi Tuyet Nguyen

Business Development Representative

Hi I’m Phuong. I believe that organizations today need to find ways to streamline their business processes and automate them in a way that meets stakeholder needs and satisfies the needs of the business.

5 years of experience with the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

Jason Tô Minh Tính

Business Development Representative

Hi I’m Jason. I believe that hotels are at a crucial period where they can take charge of their revenue stream, shifting the focus away from online platforms and going direct to the hotel patron at the right time.

8 years experience with the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

Scot Thom


Hi I’m Scot. I believe that the challenges facing tech companies today can be overcome by getting in front of potential clients, a laser focus on their problems, and finding new ways to get people interested.

10 years experience in banking and insurance, 7 years experience in ICT, and 5 years experience with consumer services in Canada.

Content Creators

Chi Le Ngoc

Content Creator

Hi, I’m Chi. I believe that content marketing can improve conversions to help you to connect with and educate your leads and customers, building trust, relationships and sales. 

5 years experience in content marketing, 2 years experience in fintech industry.

Nguyễn Trung Hiếu

Content Creator

Hello, my name is Hieu. Content marketing has become an important part of companies’ marketing strategies in any field. Good content in a good strategy, together with good application techniques and methods will help companies attract customers more naturally and gain brand reputation.

4 years experience with the hospitality industry in Vietnam.

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Creative Assistant

(We are currently hiring for this position)