A Novel Ex-situ Scale Observation Detector (exsod) for Mineral Scale Characterization and Online RO Process Monitoring

The innovation is a detector that monitors membrane scaling in real time, thereby enabling timely anti-scaling measures to be used before irreversible membrane damage. The innovation consists of a specially designed plate-and-frame high pressure RO membrane cell with optical windows. The feed solution can be fed to the cell from any side-stream in the RO plant. Pressure, feed and permeate flow rates, conductivity and pH are continuously monitored. A unique optical imaging system provides real-time imaging of the membrane surface capable of detecting and characterizing the onset of surface mineral salt crystal formation. The data are collected by computerized data acquisition system and displayed in real-time as well as stored for off-line analysis.The innovation consists in optical surface imaging tools and interface for collection of process variables with optical image analysis. There is also innovation in the use of the detector without impeding flow through the system. The system can also be used as a stand-alone system for rapid diagnostic evaluating the performance of scale mitigation strategies.

UCLA researchers at the Water Technology Research Center have developed a method and a device for real time monitoring of reverse osmosis membrane scaling for large scale water purification applications.



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