A method for energy-positive combined desalination and advanced wastewater treatment

A method for energy-positive combined desalination and advanced wastewater treatment
A novel bio electrochemical migration anammox process to accomplish a resource-efficient nutrient energy water synergy.

The scientific rationale for the proposed nitritation-anammox process stems from the anammox reaction stoichiometry. The physical purification of anammox bacteria, which oxidize ammonium to nitrogen gas anaerobically, with nitrite as an electron acceptor and fixed carbon from Co2 as a sole carbon source for the growth of anammox biomass make this organism an autotroph.

This anaerobic oxidation reaction is thermodynamically more favorable that the aerobic ammonia oxidation reaction. Nitrite acts as an electron acceptor in the anammox process, thus bacteria can be used as biocathodes in MDCs which allow for additional treatment functions while replacing expensive and toxic chemical additives.

Technology Overview
This technology is a novel bio-electrochemical nitritation-anammox microbial desalination cell for resource efficient wastewater treatment and desalination. The nitration-anammox cathode MDC when compared with the anaerobic-anammox cathode MDC and air cathode MDC performed better in terms of power density, COD removal and salt removal by a large margin in each respective category.


  • Cost effective
  • Resource efficient
  • Energy efficient
  • Assists greatly in the removal of nitrogen in wastewater


  • There are many biological, chemical and physical technologies for the removal of nitrogen in wastewater which is a critical pollutant of concern. The invented process is chemical and energy efficient and cost effective compared to other existing technologies.

Wastewater utilities and industrial sectors required to treat wastewater with high organic and nitrogen contaminants would be interested in this invention. Agricultural, dairy and animal feeding facilities will also benefit from this cost-effective process



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