A Capacitive Isolated DC-DC Converter

This invention introduces new control, circuit and system design techniques to achieve an efficient and high-power density capacitive isolated DC-DC conversion.

A new capacitive isolated DC-DC converter has been designed with similar form-factor of those using microtransformers, while the efficiency is significantly improved. The proposed converter achieves the following innovative
features: 1) A significant efficiency improvement to 68.5%; 2) Reconfigurability of single- and dual-phase operations with 1TX-1RX and 1TX2RX setups, for a power capacity of 400mW and 800mW, respectively; 3) Compatibility with different inductor/capacitor combinations for a higher degree of flexibility for optimizations between power capacity, cost, form-factor and efficiency according to different application scenarios; 4) Through-power-link voltage regulation without using additional feedback transformers or capacitors, with unobservable under-/over-shoots during fast load transients.


  • Lower cost
  • Higher efficiency, 15% higher than state of the art
  • Small form factor
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved flexibility
  • Faster dynamic performance with non-linear hysteretic control

Power conversion circuits including industrial automation, electric/hybrid vehicles and medical applications.

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