8480 – Non-Contact and Continuous Vital Sign Monitoring

  • This invention monitors vital body signs through an active near-field coherent sensing (NCS) system utilizing an UHF microwave technique which can be integrated into furniture like seats, mattresses, beds to enable non-contact and continuous vital sign mo


Vital sign monitoring is extremely important for e-health, assisted living, driver alertness, wearables and Internet of Things (IOT) technology. However, current technology requires direct skin contact, user cooperation and fitting to measure vital signs and usually requires the user to carry the technology around with them which is cumbersome and discourages frequent usage.

This technology features an ultra high frequency microwave technique to directly retrieve heart sound through layers of clothing. This is made possible by a near-field coherent sensing technique which can detect weak cyclic motion inside living bodies, such as human wrist pulses and the heartbeat of small animals. This active near-field coherent sensing system can be integrated into generic seat structures or other objects to monitor vital body signs. Thus, technology enables non-intrusive, convenient and continuous monitoring.


  • Improved NCS sensitivity to retrieve heart sound
  • Measures heart sound with the accuracy of a conventional stethoscope, even in noisy backgrounds
  • Removes the need for any wearable technology to measure vital signs
  • Unobtrusive since the sensors can be integrated into furniture
  • All-in-one device

Potential Applications

  • Continuous, active, unobtrusive monitoring of vital signs like blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse etc.

Contact Information

Name: Martin Teschl

Email: mt439@cornell.edu

Phone: (607) 254-4454