3 ways to response a review that makes guest happy

Hotels always want to have good reviews. It means their performance is good and stable, and also helps to build the hotel’s brand image. However, some hotels do not put enough effort into responding to a review by answering with a template. These recommendations below would make guests happy that you may want to apply to your hotel in the next review.

Recognition to employee

To the review that mentioned the name of a specific employee, it would be a surprise for guests if the hotel recognizes the role of that employee in the response. This means the hotel know their employee well and giving enough care to their employee.

Giving compliment to guests

It should not be over words. A guest who satisfied with their received services often because they had a well-interact with the services. Therefore, recognition guests’ kind attitude would help the relationship between guests and the hotel become closer.

Give guests a personal recommendation

To the review that mentions guests’ favorite services at the hotel, you can show your point about that service as well, or give them another recommendation highlight. Because they love it, they may choose the services/food followed by General Manager’s recommendation for their next visit.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels