3 ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website

Bounce Rate is an important index in a website’s operation. The bounce rate reflects the quality of your website. The higher the rate, the worse the website is. It means your website is not attractive. So how to reduce this rate?

Design a lean website structure

The first impression of the website is important. A website with a messy structure can cause a bad feeling and not giving the information that your customers want to know. The modern trend is lean. Therefore, your hotel should build a website as simple as it can and only show the content that your customers want to search for on the homepage.

Ensure the quality of the displaying content

Customers always look for beauty. Let use high-quality images with a wide view or a highlighted corner to attract your guests’ attention. At the same time, the structure of the textual content needs to be rearranged to not let your readers get tired. An article should not be too long, and the paragraph needs to be separated to make your readers follow it easier.

Add call to action (CTA)

This is one part that many hotels forget to include. Content should serve a purpose – an action from your customers. It could be reading more other content, making a call, or booking a room, etc. Your hotel needs to add these CTAs to remind customers.

Photo by  Miles Burke on Unsplash.

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