3 Tips to raise direct booking

To the report from Grant Thornton, the direct booking channel has a slight rise from 17.5% (2017) to 18.2 (2018). Even though the OTA channel has developed, Direct Booking occupied a high proportion. Therefore, instead of giving up, we can have some changes to earn more bookings from this channel and reduce costs.

Personalize services

Each customer comes to the hotel can has their own need besides the accommodation need. When booking directly, we can offer them personal services such as babysitting service, pet service, or 30 minutes massage, etc.

Get to know customer

The advantage of direct booking is we can see or listen to our customers to know them better. From these experiences, the hotel can create a real engagement and fit it to the real circumstance that makes them feel a real connection with the hotel.

Optimize website

Different from OTAs which has the same theme for all listings, the website can show hotels’ personality and make guests feel that differences between different hotels. A good website is not only a room listings but also a place to show hotels’ services, the highlight of space, decorations, the location that make guests get the feeling of the hotel’s comfort.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pixels

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