3 new trends in tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic

Starting from the end of summer, many tourist areas across Vietnam have opened their doors to welcome visitors to visit and relax with many safety criteria for COVID-19 prevention. This is one of the good signals for the hospitality industry to begin to recover after nearly four months of shutdown. In particular, the peak period of the spring vacation is coming soon, businesses that can catch up with the travel trend and provide new, unique experiences to increase the competition.

According to the survey, here are 3 new tourism trends for hospitality businesses to adapt to: close destinations (less than 300km), small group among family or colleagues, and personal travel. Therefore, the tourist sites near big cities will have a great advantage, and should use more marketing activities to attract and help visitors feel secure when choosing accommodation. In addition, with the increasing number of private customers and families, there should be appropriate promotions and incentives, combined with sightseeing and entertainment activities to increase the customer experience and build long-term loyalty.

Photo by Teagan Methorst on Unsplash.

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