3 marketing actions hotel can take base on social media insights

Nowadays, customers rely more on social media to make their buying decision as well as to share their personal experiences. Therefore, understanding customers’ behavior on social media and take similar actions would help hotels earn more bookings.

Posting Image

Image is a critical point in current social media life, especially to Instagram. Young people tend to choose their travel destination by seeing beautiful photos on Instagram. To be highlighted on this platform, pick the most beautiful corner, and take bright and high-quality photos. The frames can come from hotel premises, or the neighborhood to tell the stories just by the photos only.


If Instagram is an image-focus place, Facebook would be a great place for reading. Tell the customers the local stories, be like a local guide, and even tagging the credit spot that you want to introduce to your guests. And surely not to forget to tell about yourself. Sharing reviews from stayed-guests is an option.


70% of tourists would share their traveling experiences on social media. To connect the guests sharing with the hotel brand, you can recommend guests to hashtag, or re-share guests posts and photos, or ask them to tag your hotel into their sharings.

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

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