3 essentials tasks to manage reviews

The rise of the travel platform has helped customers to review their trip experience. The reviews might be good or bad, and it will always have an impact on potential customers. Therefore, managing reviews to increase good reviews and minimize bad reviews help hotels not only in gaining customers’ trust but also building an advantage over competitors, and help the customer find it easier to make a booking decision.

Ensure the best services

Customers’ reviews come from real experience. Therefore, the best approach to gain a good review is ensuring your services can guarantee the best trip to the customers. In their stay, the guests’ needs should be delivered to their expectations, if there were any complaints, all related staff should solve it immediately and make customers satisfied.

Identifying common complaints and solve

Hotels need to identify the most common issues. These online complaints could have something in common like the poor buffet or the room is not clean, etc. Recognizing these issues and having a solution could help to prevent these complaints in the future.

Answering review

Answering review is a must-do task if you want to show the customer your hospitality that you care about them as well as the hotel’s image in the customers’ eyes. With good reviews, the hotel should show appreciation. With bad reviews, hotels can have a chance to improve your services, acknowledge comments, and show guests that hotel really cares about customer services. Whether the review is good or bad, answering customer reviews helps improve the hotel’s reputation, create a good impression to online users.

Photo by Bruno Neurath-Wilson on Unsplash