22-0121 A Conversation About Opioids and Post-Procedure Pain Control Seminar Series


This distance-learning seminar series was created to assist those providing direct patient care with procedures which may result in acute pain. The recorded seminars review how the current situation with drug overdosing evolved and the options currently available to minimize acute pain. Most agree opioid drugs cannot be replaced entirely by clinicians’ treating acute pain. Increasingly, longer acting local anesthetics combined with anti-inflammatory drugs are reducing the need for opioid use. The discussions represent current thinking about alternatives to opioid drugs and a perspective on guidelines on opioid drug prescribing. Current data from clinical opioid drug studies conclude the sessions.

A preview of the seminar series can be found in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page. This preview contains a course outline.

The seminar series is available for licensing for educational use, by clicking on the Buy link below. All the material needed for implementing the seminar series in a course is provided (links for streaming seminar videos and a course outline). The seminar material, which contains links for streaming the seminar videos, will be available for download following acceptance of the terms of the license agreement and payment of the license fee.



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