21KU057L – New, Flexible, and Improved Model for Correcting Inaccuracies in the Spread of Contagion and Misinformation

  • Modelling system for contagion or misinformation.
  • Improved model for numerous circumstances.
  • Improved coordination game.


A University of Kansas research team has developed algorithms to model the spread of a contagion or other related events such as the spread of misinformation throughout a population.


The model is easy to implement and provides improved accuracy and efficiency and can be used to model a variety of situations. One example is that it can provide improved modelling of how communications spread within a network by correcting inaccuracies that exist in previous modelling systems. In this way, it can effectively model the spread of misinformation.

Potential Applications

The model can be used to study the spread of contagions throughout a population with better accuracy than current models and is also applicable to many other situations, including regime change, technology adoption, bank runs, currency crises, run on groceries in a pandemic, marketing new products, segregation and desegregation, success of social platforms, agglomeration in urban economics, and others.

Contact Information

Name: Patrick J Hanway

Email: patrickhanway@ku.edu

Phone: 785-864-1383