21039 – GPS for the Surgeon (Pelvis)

Navigated Pelvic Osteotomy and Tumor Resection


The GTx-Sarcoma research program (sarcoma surgical team and the GTx engineers/physicists) has developed an image-guided surgery system (“GPS for the surgeon”) for improving the accuracy of complex tumour resections in the pelvis in order to improve treatment outcomes and patient quality of life following surgery.The system consists of planning software, tracking of surgical tools that generate planar cuts, and real-time assessment of surgical tool positions with respect to the planned cut planes. The planning component allows users to define tumour and margins on pre-surgical images and then provides a means of defining multiple cut planes around the margin such that all of the targeted tissue is removed while preserving as much normal tissue as possible.

During surgery, intra-operative 3D imaging (such as cone-beam CT) is fused with the pre-surgical imaging and planned cuts. Surgical tools that generate planar cuts such as osteotomes and oscillating saws, are tracked and their coordinates (position and orientation) are mapped relative to the patient imaging and hence the planned cuts. During the cuts, the system provides a real time update to the surgeon of each of the tool coordinates relative to the planned cut, enabling the surgeon to minimize the difference between the planned and actual cuts.

In phantom studies, this system showed a statistically significant improvement in the accuracy of the surgical cuts when compared to non-navigated cuts.

Potential Applications

  • Augmented reality surgical navigation

Contact Information

Name: Noah Schwartz

Email: Noah.Schwartz@uhnresearch.ca

Phone: 0000000000