2023-016 – Smart Wall Projector


Projectors are used daily in work and school settings to give presentations, conduct meetings, and even give lectures; however, when the slideshow is interrupted the viewers often lose interest. The issue is not that the presentation or displayed information is uninteresting, but rather the projector or hardware itself is not reliable, due to cross-projection interruptions. To eliminate these disruptions there is a need for a small, low cost, and durable smart device that can be used to project multi-media onto a relatively flat visible space.

Technology Description

A researcher at the University of New Mexico has developed technology for a new smart wall projector that sits flat on the surface, maximizing the efficiency of presentations by displaying the slide show directly onto the wall. This positioning prevents the opportunity for objects to move in front of the projector blocking the light particles from being transferred to the desired screen/surface. Additional characteristics of interest include high definition capabilities, sizes ranging from 8×10 inches to full walls, and ability to display across textured surfaces. For instance, this technology does not require installation and purchasing of a projector screen because it accounts for the texture and size of the wall the image is displayed on. Remote connection to the technology will also be available via Bluetooth, which not only allows the user to share content with ease but it also enables multiple screen options.


  • Enables customizable projections, with minimal wall size and texture limitations
  • Multiple screen options
  • Less presentation distractions
  • No projector screen/ setup needed

Potential Applications

  • Classroom use
    • Universities
    • Grade School
  • Commercial Use
    • Hotels
    • Art galleries
    • Sports bars/Restaurants
  • Office settings
    • Corporate offices
    • At home/Virtual spaces
    • Break rooms

Contact Information

Name: Andrew Roerick

Email: aroerick@innovations.unm.edu

Phone: 505-277-0608