2023-013 – Infotility XY

  • promote men’s reproductive health through and easy to deploy webapp technology
  • bilingual (EN/FR)
  • tested, original approach to men’s fertility issues


Our research suggests that mHealth resources could be beneficial to incorporate into clinical care to enable shared decision-making about fertility preservation options (see below for details)

Infotility XY proved to be a useful resource for male cancer patients. By providing clear and relevant information, the app helped male cancer patients make informed decisions about their fertility

Approach: Our research aimed to promote reproductive health among men in the general population, and to address the specific informational needs of two groups of men facing fertility concerns: 1) men undergoing assessment and treatment for infertility; 2) young adult cancer survivors whose illness and treatment may have compromised their fertility.We did so by developing and evaluating a mobile web application (app),Infotility XY, to provide information to our target groups.

Potential Applications

reproductive health

men’s fertility (support)

Contact Information

Name: Francesco Tordini

Email: francesco.tordini@mcgill.ca

Phone: 4388811973