2022-084 – On-chip Ordered and Spectrally Uniform Single Photon Sources for Scalable Quantum Circuits

Scalable quantum optical circuitsQuantum computingQuantum communication
  • Scalable quantum optical circuits
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum communication


USC researchers have developed a novel method of generating mesa-top single photon emitting quantum dots (MTSQDs) in a spatially orientated manner. This platform simultaneously meets the characteristics needed to form a quantum optical circuit: spatially ordered SPS arrays that produce on-demand, highly pure single photons with sufficiently uniform emission across an array. The ability to accurately position single photon quantum dots in a specific fashion is a first in the quantum computing realm and may allow for the creation of the first quantum circuit.




  • Scalable method of generating spatially orientated, uniform QDs
  • May allow for creation of quantum optical circuits
  • Higher order quantum computing capabilities using quantum optical circuits

Potential Applications:

Quantum information processing systems are based on the use of repeated, on-demand photon emission from highly pure single photon sources (SPSs). While single quantum dots (SQDs) may generate highly uniform single photons, the process of generating SQDs on a surface leads to random positioning. This lack of controlled spatial orientation limits the ability of such materials to be used for on-chip scalable integration of SQDs into an optical circuit. As such, generation of quantum optical circuits for higher order computing using SQDs remains a challenge.

Additional Information:


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  • Demonstrated feasibility of on-chip, spatially ordered, highly pure single photon sources
  • Intellectual property protection: in preparation

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