2022-060 – Adaptigrip – An Adaptive Glove Designed to Enhance Grip


Having a strong grip is a common trait that many people take for granted. Grip strength is required to perform many activities from sports to everyday tasks. Such activities include racket sports, golf, paddling, raking, sweeping, shoveling, holding utensils, etc. For people with mobility disabilities in their hands, these tasks become difficult to impossible to perform. There are several products marketed to aid in gripping everyday objects. However, many of these products are cumbersome or fall short of providing proper support. Adaptive glove for increased grip strength consists of a hook and loop type glove to assist disabled people with gripping everyday objects. The design ensures that it is both flexible and strong enough to perform a variety of activities from sports to everyday household actions. This product has been tested for use with many sports and household chores with great results.




More Flexible

Improved comfort

User friendly

Potential Applications:

Racket Sport

Household Chores

Holding everyday objects

Contact Information:

Name: Aparna Bubna

Email: abubna@umich.edu

Phone: 734-763-0614