2022-024 – Design and methodology for the fabrication of injectable, porous, and tough hydrogels

Hydrogels that are porous, tough, and injectableCytocompatible, perfusble, and fatigue resistantApplications in tissue repair, biofabrication, and organs-on-chips
  • Hydrogels that are porous, tough, and injectable
  • Cytocompatible, perfusble, and fatigue resistant
  • Applications in tissue repair, fabrication, and organs-on-chips


Injectable hydrogels that possess both high permeability and toughness have profound impacts on regenerative medicine. We have discovered a methodology to fabricate in-situ-formed porous double-network hydrogels (PDNs). Our hydrogels combine superior permeability and toughness, enabling direct medium perfusion through organ-sized matrices. They are immune to extreme biomechanical loads and auspicious to cells. This invention advances the injectable hydrogel technology and opens opportunities in tissue engineering, drug/cell delivery, biofabrication, microfluidics, and organs-on-chips.




A novel method to create hydrogels with high permeability and toughness while simultaneously being injectable and cytocompatible.

The resulting hydrogels allow direct medium perfusion through organ-sized matrices without the need for vascularization. They are also pore-insensitive and fatigue-resistant under conditions inside the human body.

The hydrogels are amenable to cell encapsulation and delivery while promoting cell proliferation and spreading.

The method is applicable to a variety of biomaterials. The biomaterials and chemical reactions are biocompatible and inexpensive.

Potential Applications

The proposed hydrogels can be used as injectable biomaterials to fill the wounds of injured tissues. They can provide tissue-like physical support and promote wound healing.

Potential markets include tissue repair (vocal fold, heart, muscle, nasal tissue, tongue, etc.), microfluidic organs-on-chips, drug and cell delivery, and in vitro tissue/cancer modeling.

Contact Information

Name: Timothy Corkery

Email: chris.corkery@mcgill.ca

Phone: 514-290-6489