2022-008 – Nanopowder Coatings that Enhance Li Battery Component Performance

Coatings can promote selective ionic/electron diffusion, preventing corrosion through loss of active ions and unwanted chemical oxidation/reduction. Coating can offer mechanical properties that resist charge/discharge dimensional changes and prevent unwanted phase transitions, favoring formation of desirable phases. Most coating methods target uniform and complete coating. Nonuniform coating suffers from several drawbacks, which can act as the source of crack initiation leading to coating failure. It is also frequently associated with chemical pitting of substrates initiating corrosive failure.

This technology proposed a method to coat active cathode and/or anode materials with solid electrolytes type nanopowders. Preliminary lab results have shown a substantially improvement in the performance of the coated active material with enhanced energy capacities, greater long-term stability and elimination or improvement in degradative process.


Enhanced stability and reduced degradation of Li-ion batteries

Simple ball milling process

Scalable and cost effective

Potential Applications

Battery electrodes coating

Contact Information

Name: Joohee Kim

Email: jooheek@umich.edu

Phone: (734) 647-5730