2021: Triple-Columned and Multiple-Layered Chiral Folding Polymers and the Asymmetric Catalytic Assembly


The first successful synthesis of six chiral triple-columned/multiple-layered 3D folding polymers, stacking up to at least seven layers by different aromatic bridges.

The absolute stereochemistry was assigned by X-ray analysis of individual monomers with a similar asymmetric induction by the same catalyst. The insights of UV/Vis, fluorescence, electrochemical performance, and especially the AIE properties elucidated that this work provides new possibilities for chiral materials.

Market Applications:

  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Copolymers
  • Electroluminescent materials



Features, Benefits & Advantages:

  • A new form of multi-layer 3D chirality is stacked and spaced primarily by aromatic-aromatic interactions.
  • Chirality is different from the traditional planar and helical skeletons and displays unique characteristics of rotational stereoisomerism.
  • Displays intriguing macro-chirality phenomenon and strong luminescence under UV irradiation in both aggregated state and dilute solutions.
  • Intellectual Property: A U.S. Provisional Application, #63/231,904 was filed on Aug 11, 2021.



Potential Applications:


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