2021: Treatment for Arterial Stiffness Related Diseases


Arterial stiffness is an underlying mechanism for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and renal disorders, such as, for example, high blood pressure, dementia, or chronic kidney diseases. There are currently no drugs or treatments to reverse, decrease, or treat arterial stiffness.

A composition has been discovered for use in treating or preventing an arterial stiffness-related disorder that is comprised of human recombinant thioredoxin (rhTrx), derivatives thereof, and peptide fragments.

Reference Number: 2021-014 Market


Treatment of Cardiovascular disorders.
Treatment of high blood pressure and hypertension.
Treatment of renal disorders.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages:

Decreases stiffness proteins (such as collagen-1)
Increases the number of flexible proteins (such as elastin).
Intellectual Property: U.S. Provisional Patent Application #63/236,778 was filed on Aug 25, 2021.

Development Stage: Proof of Concept completed and initial efficacy/toxicity data generated in an animal model.





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