2021: Preparation of Ionic Pharmaceutical Cocrystals using Solid and Liquid Components


A method to produce cocrystals from two or more chemical components with at least one of them being a liquid prior to co-crystallization.To induce crystallization mechanochemistry techniques are employed which initiates the seed crystal which will propagate through the system or can then be dissolved in a suitable solvent and then crystallization occurs during evaporation. Reference Number: 2021-074Market Applications: New drug development improving the solubility of drug compoundsFeatures, Benefits and Advantages: Minimal solvent uses crystal formation of two-phase components could increase the feasibility of drugs with poor solubilityIntellectual Property: U.S. Provision Application # 63/240,405 was filed on Sep 3, 2021.Development Stage: Proof of Concept work has been completed. Further studies of bioavailability are needed.





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