2021-148 – Monolithic MEMS tensile testing platform for in situ mechanical characterizations of ultrathin films

‘Multi-meter’ for ultrathin structuresAssures consistent mechanical, electrical and thermal performances
  • 'Multi-meter' for ultrathin structures
  • Assures consistent mechanical, electrical and thermal performances




While exotic lab-scale 2DM electronics have been demonstrated with unprecedented performance, a critical step before they can be transferred to the marketplace is to assure their consistent performance (e.g., mechanical, electrical, thermal, etc.), which determines the long-term sustainability of this new generation of electronics. However, it is much more challenging to do quality check of 2DM-based than silicon-based devices because of their ultra-thin and delicate nature (nanometers thick). Our patent-pending technology, a single-chip micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) has significant advantages over the one product currently on the market. We seek to develop additional functionalities to make our system a‘multi-meter’ for ultrathin structureson top of its existing mechanical characterization capability.

Potential Applications:

dimensional materials (2DM)) is one of the most promising alternative building blocks due to their superior physical properties for next-generation electronics, e.g. photodetectors, field-effect transistors, solar cells.

The market size of 2DM-based devices is projected to $203 billion by 2028.

The commercialization of our development will significantly accelerate the transfer of thin/ultra-thin structure-based applications to the marketplace to support a range of disruptive technologies including augmented reality (AR), autonomous vehicles (AV) and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Email : mahaut.ricciardi-rigault@mcgill.ca

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