2021-055 – Method for methane liquidification and conversion to cyclohexane

  • Direct conversion of methane to cyclohexane
  • High selectivity to cyclohexane
  • Outstanding reusability


The transformation of methane from fossil fuels into value-added products is a chief goal in chemicalindustry. This invention introduces a novel methane liquidification method that can directly convert methane into cyclohexane with high selectivity. The catalyst reported features clean and straight-forward synthesis and high reusability. This invention could be potentially applied in the natural gas industry for the ease of utilization and transport of methane and in chemical industry for producing nylon and other valued-added chemicals.


Conventional production of cyclohexane is based on an energy consuming process of benzene hydrogenation and the unsustainable petroleum industry. This invention introduces a novel cyclohexane production method that is based on the readily available natural gas methane under ambient thermal condition. Over 90% selectivity towards cyclohexane can be achieved with valuable by-product of benzene. The invention can be reused in the long run without significant loss of activity.

Potential Applications

This invention can be applied to natural gas industry for enhancing the utilization of methane. This invention can be applied to any industry related to cyclohexane (textile, automotive, solvents, construction, aerospace, electronics, others).

Contact Information

Name: Timothy Corkery

Email: chris.corkery@mcgill.ca

Phone: 514-290-6489