2021-018 – Control of Electrically Driven Corrosion of Medical Implants

  • Cancels electrical oscillations that lead to corrosion
  • Reduction of metal to metal junctions that leads of electrical oscillations


A dampening device that can be coupled to a medical implant to eliminate harmful electrical oscillations. The device includes circuity that detects harmful electrical oscillations in the implant. The device also includes circuity that generates cancelling electrical signals that counter the detected electrical oscillations. Alternatively, in a medical implant having a taper junction such as a standard hip implant, resistance welding of the taper junction just prior to surgical implanting may be performed after the appropriately dimensioned components are selected to eliminate a metal on metal interface where corrosion is most likely to occur.


  • This technology will slow or prevent the electrochemical corrosion seen on prosthetic hip implants caused from oscillatory electric fields.

Potential Applications

  • The invention may be used to reduce fretting corrosion in existing orthopedic devices, such as hip replacement implants.

Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Crisp

Email: jmcrisp@syr.edu

Phone: 315-443-5196