2021-010 – Rotary Wing Design for Wake Vortex Interaction Mitigation

  • A novel design strategy for rotary wings (propellers, helicopter rotors)
  • Mitigates the formation of vortices across the rotor near-wake region


Researchers from the University of Illinois have developed a novel design strategy that mitigates the formation of vortices across the rotor near-wake region. The unique design aims to reduce thrust distribution across the tip region in order to mitigate the formation of energetic, coherent vortices at the blade tip. The invention features a unique geometrical rotary wing design that creates zero vortices at the wingtip allowing noise reduction generated by blade-vortex interactions. This invention could be used for lifting rotors or propellers on standard helicopter flight vehicles, other vertical lift aircraft, and turbines with minimal effect in total rotor efficiency.



Contact Information

Name : Michelle Chitambar

Email : mchitamb@illinois.edu

Phone : 217-300-8209