2021-009 – Metamaterials for Frequency Space Implementation of Quantum Walks

  • Useful for solving hard optimization problems more efficently
  • Requires fewer qubits and control and readout connections
  • Favorable to implement large-scale quantum walks


Superconducting metamaterials composed of lumped-element inductors and capacitors are used to implement microwave photonics with novel dispersion relations and dense mode spectra that can be coupled to qubits. Metamaterial lattices may have qubits coupled to different unit cells in the metamaterial such that each qubit will couple strongly to modes with an antinode at the qubit location. Through simultaneous driving of combinations of modes, large amplitudes are produced at only one or a few unit cells, resulting in large ac Stark shifts of qubits located there, and providing a frequency-addressable qubit array without requiring flux-tunability and with reduced control wiring.


This approach requires much fewer qubits and control and readout connections. These features make this scheme much more favorable to implement large-scale quantum walks.

Potential Applications

Quantum walks are potentially useful for solving hard optimization problems more efficiently than can be done with conventional computers.

Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Crisp

Email: jmcrisp@syr.edu

Phone: 315-443-5196