2020- Power Processing for Energy Storage

heterogeneous battery energy storage systemdynamic configurabilitybattery reuse
  • heterogeneous battery energy storage system
  • dynamic configurability
  • battery reuse


A Method for Sparse Power Processing with Dynamic Configurability for Highly Efficient Heterogeneous Energy Storage

U-M researchers have developed a method for sparse power processing with dynamic configurability for heterogeneous energy storage systems. The method improves power conversion efficiency through the use of differential power converters. The interconnection is dynamically configurable to obtain the optimum configuration of converters, resulting in a sparse topology. This improves system reliability with a negligible penalty of power conversion efficiency. The inventors demonstrate a power conversion efficiency of ~98% for a proof-of-concept system.

The invention addresses the implementation challenges of heterogeneous energy storage systems (systems in which a variety of batteries are used). Oftentimes, existing control techniques to charge and discharge different batteries cannot account for electrochemical or mechanical differences between them. The invention can also be applied to the growing market of energy storage systems built with used (second-life) electric vehicle batteries.




High power conversion efficiency because of differential power processing

Improved system reliability because of fewer converters (sparse interconnection topology)

Reduced system cost because of fewer converters

Significant environmental and economic benefits if used with second-life batteries

Potential Applications:

Stationary grid-tied energy storage (grid-related utilities, residential & commercial needs)

Stationary storage for industrial applications (electric forklifts, data centers, telecom backup power)

EV charging infrastructure

Stationary storage consisting of second-life batteries

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