2020- Air-Bridge Optoelectronic Devices via Direct Cold Weld Bonding

  • Thermophotovoltaics


For optoelectronic devices, the management of light is a critical element to maximizing open-circuit voltage. Typical optoelectronic devices include photovoltaic cells, thermophotovoltaic cells, photodetectors, and light-emitting diodes. Improving the sub-bandgap reflectance in a thin film optoelectronic device can increase the overall power conversion efficiency. The goal is to maximize reflectance in the spectra of interest to then increase the open-circuit voltage of the device.

Optoelectronic Device Design

This technology uses a cold weld bonding manufacturing technique to produce an optoelectronic device that has an air bridge between the back reflector and the thin film semiconductor. The refractive indices contrast between the semiconductor thin film and the air-bridge maximize the reflectance at their interface. This manufacturing technique can utilize either an air bridge or another dielectric between the thin film semiconductor and the reflector. Using this technique, from optical simulation, sub-bandgap reflectance of > 99% is possible.




99% reflectance in the spectra range

TPV power conversion efficiency >50 % under 1500 K blackbody illumination

Potential Applications:

Thin-film photovoltaic cells

Solar Panels

Thermophotovoltaic cells

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