2020-031 – Generation of Perinatal-Like Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

  • Alternate source of perinatal mesenchymal stem cells (without harvesting from the placenta or umbilical cord)
  • Can be scaled-up for clinical treatment of large patient populations
  • Can treat cytokine storms induced by COVID-19 infection


Non-naturally occurring perinatal mesenchymal stem cells differentiated from humaninduced pluripotent stem cells. The differentiation medium includes an amount of SB431542, anamount of BMP-4, and an amount of PD173074 and is repeated over the course of six daysperiod until perinatal mesenchymal stem-like cells are formed. The resulting non-naturallyoccurring perinatal mesenchymal stem cells exhibit the relevant characteristics of naturallyoccurring perinatal mesenchymal stem cells, such as the positive expression of the mesenchymalstem cell markers CD73, CD90, and CD105. The non-naturally occurring perinatalmesenchymal stem cells may be used to produce paracrine factors and similar compounds fortherapeutic purposes.


  • Unlimited source for generation of perinatal mesenchymal stem cells
  • Scale-up manufacturing perinatal mesenchymal stem cells
  • Eliminating the issues of stem cell therapy on tumorigenicity and immunogenicity
  • Beneficial outcomes on both controlling inflection-induced cytokine storm and promoting lung tissue repair

Potential Applications

Successfully treats cytokine storms as a result of excessive immune response.

Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Crisp

Email: jmcrisp@syr.edu

Phone: 315-443-5196