2020-022: Immunization by Targeting the Junctional Epithelium in the Gingival Crevice


Administration of antigens and allergens through the junctional epithelium in the gingival crevice can produce strong systemic and mucosal immune responses. This can be accomplished by using dental floss coated with the antigen or allergen for targeted deposition into the gingival crevice for uptake through the junctional epithelium.

This method of delivery can overcome many of the limitations of peripheral administration of allergens and antigens into the skin, muscle, or subcutaneous peripheral tissues which require higher doses and is less effective.

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Gives rise to a more potent systemic and mucosal immune response.
Serves as a non-invasive, painless, and easy way to administer allergens and antigens.
Intellectual Property: U.S. Provisional Application #63/229,784 was filed on Aug 5, 2021.

Research related to vaccine development for infectious diseases and allergen immunotherapy.
Treatments for drug and vaccine delivery systems and allergen immunotherapy.

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Development Stage: The disclosed technology is in the proof of concept stage of development. Preliminary work has been completed in mouse models.





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