2018 – Multiple Access Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfermultiple accesscode division multiplexing
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Wireless Power Transfer
multiple access
code division multiplexing
Electric devices permeate modern civilization, and their numbers will only continue to grow. The sale of electric vehicles grew 29% from 2017 to 2018, and the consumer electronics market is expected to hit $1.5 Trillion by 2023. As these trends continue, the main question revolves around minimizing the inconvenience and downtime of charging. This technology addresses this problem by enabling truly wireless charging for multiple devices simultaneously.

This technology adopts reliable techniques from the field of wireless communications to enable high-capacity wireless charging. Previous technologies are not able to charge more than a few devices at a time, whereas this technology can potentially charge hundreds. This high-device capacity allows for potential applications in complex fields such as high-capacity electric car charging stations, factory/industry electrical equipment, low-power light fixtures, wearable electronics, etc.


Scalable technology to charge hundreds of devices simultaneous

Built-in security

Minimize device interference

Potential Applications:

Low-power wearables

Low-power industrial equipment

Multiple lighting fixtures

Powering drone surveillance

Ubiquitous wireless electronic device charging

Large-scale electronic vehicle charging

Additional Information:

A. Sarin and A. Avestruz, "Scaling Wireless Power Transfer Through Code Division Multiple Access,"2018 IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power Transfer (Wow), 2018, pp. 1-6


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