2 potential marketing channels in the future.

There are many different channels for the hotel to do their marketing job. In recent years, the development of content platforms and the expansion of art for the masses has led the travel industry to 2 new channels.

Travel Blog

Customers always search for interesting, fun, and new travel experience. Instead of receiving travel information from travel businesses, customers are now looking for more personal sharing. That is the reason Travel Blogger always gets a high number of followers. Travel bloggers can produce their content in the format of a blog or video. Travel businesses and hotels should collaborate with them to appear on travel bloggers’ channels, which helps you to earn creditability and deliver your services in many different ways.

Culture show

Tourists have a need of exploring the local culture but they sometimes don’t have enough time to experience it on site. Culture show helps them to have a closer look at locals’ daily life and shorten their time of learning the culture. Some culture shows such as A O Show (Ho Chi Minh City), The Fisher Men (Phan Thiet), Hoi An Memories Show (Hoi An) are the signature of each city that is being hosted. The hotels can collaborate with these types of shows to get your brand on the advertising documents or can be mentioned before and after the show as a sponsor. Introducing the culture show to your guests will make them trust in your hotel’s brand as well.

Photo by 立志 牟 on Unsplash.

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