2 points that make your hotel different from others on OTAs.

All hotels are being listed on the OTAs channel. How can your hotel gain your customers’ attention among thousands of brands? There are 2 points that many hotels dismiss when setting OTA account which makes a huge difference.

Hotel’s brand and room’s name

Each hotel surely has its own brand name. Depending on the OTA being used you can adjust the position of your hotel’s name in the title. Your hotel’s brand name can be at the beginning, at the end, or it can even be disappeared. Your hotel room’s name should mention the character of the room, or functional features like beach view, lake view, garden view, or emotional features like warm, cool, etc.

Photos arrangement and description added

Most of the hotels are just giving many photos, even similar ones but never figure out if their customer really needs it or not. Instead of adding all of the photos they had, the hotel should use unique photos with a bright and tidy view. These photos should follow a logical order like outside-in or from overall to details. At the same time, to each photo, your hotel can add a description to let their customer know how much details your hotel take care of.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.

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