19-0135 Plasmid: pFA6a-kanMX6-P3nmt1

We constructed the pFA6a-kanMX6-P3nmt1 plasmid, which allows selection of G418-resistant cells and thus, provides new heterologous marker for use in S. pombe. The plasmid was created by amplifying wild-type nmt1 promoter and two attenuated versions of this promoter by PCR. The PCR products were then digested with Bg/II and PacI and cloned into a Pg/II/PacI-digested plasmid PfA6a-kanMX6-PGAL1, therefore replacing the GAL1 promoter with one of the version of the nmt1 promoter.The plasmid serves as a template for PCR-based gene targeting. This construct will greatly aid in the analysis of gene function in S. pombe.

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