15080 – Virtual Cutting Guides

Computer-aided design and navigation for bone resection and reconstruction


Composite resection and reconstruction of oral head and neck cancers involve two major steps: 1) resection of tumor and jaw bone; 2) reconstruction of the jaw. The reconstructive surgery uses osteotomized vascular bone free flaps with either fibular or scapular bone and soft tissue. To reconstruct the mandible, the surgeon uses a free-hand template technique to determine the positions and angles of the closing osteotomies. To improve the accuracy of the reconstruction, dental occlusion, bony union, and to reduce operating time, some head and neck reconstructive surgeons use computer-aided design (CAD) to produce cutting guides.

Our solution uses surgical navigation instead of cutting guides to execute the surgery, with the same potential advantages but without the two-week delay and expense of producing cutting guides. Surgical navigation is already available in many hospitals for other applications. The invention herein is pushing existing advanced surgical approaches to the next level by using computer software to design the surgical cut planes, digitally reconstruct bone structures, transfer the reconstruction cut planes to the navigation software and accurately execute the surgical cut planes using real-time navigation/tracking technology.

Potential Applications

· Tumor resection

· Maxillo-mandibular reconstruction

· Skull base surgery

· Orthognathic surgery

· Complex orbital reconstruction

· Cranial reconstruction

Contact Information

Name: Noah Schwartz

Email: Noah.Schwartz@uhnresearch.ca

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