15068 – Intravenous Training Arm with Articulated Motion Control

Intravenous training arm with articulated motion control kit for hollow arms models


Simulation is being vastly integrated into different healthcare quality improvement initiatives from continuing education to competency evaluation. The challenge of simulationists is to find cost-effective ways to enhance simulation reality to enrich learning. Although developments in newer models of task trainers and mannequins offer new features that are of substantial improvement from previous versions, they are also expensive. Simulation centers that have purchased earlier models are being challenged to justify the acquisition of newer versions, since they already have similar educational tools that can fulfill the basic functions.

This invention offers an improved modular enhancement of an already existing intravenous training arm, which could be provided as a kit that would work with every hollow arm in the market. The is the first-of-its kind functional prototype that allows for the flexion of the index finger by remote control. This feature is an improvement on regular training models because it improves the realism by giving realistic tactile feedback to the learners as opposed to verbal feedback (which is current practice, with the trainer saying that the simulated patient is squeezing the trainee hand to indicate consciousness of the simulated patient, as opposed to a real action of the simulated patient to indicate consciousness). This enhanced intravenous training arm can be integrated into different simulation modalities. This includes task trainers, manikins, standardized patients and hybrid simulation.

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