100987 – Compact, High-Efficiency Air Handling Unit (CHE-AHU) for Residential HVAC Systems

  • Reduce energy consumption of the air handler by at least 35%
  • Improve overall performance of the HVAC system by at least 7%
  • Reduce overall size of the unit by at least 30% compared to current technologies


An air handler unit for use with residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) systems. The air handler unit has high resistance mediums (HRMs) coupled closelyto a wide-angle vane-diffuser mixed-flow fan system. The HRMs are placed immediatelyupstream and downstream of the wide-angle vane-diffuser mixed-flow fan to form a closelycoupled, compact air handler that provides significant efficiency and noise benefits.


The most important benefit of this technology is its efficiency. AHUs for residential HVAC systemstypically use low-efficiency blower fans on the evaporator side, and the fan and the surrounding HighResistance Mediums (heat exchanger. filter, burner, etc.) are treated as stand-alone componentsduring design optimization. The design proposed in this innovation is a vane-diffuser axial fan systemwhich is optimized in relation with HRMs placed just upstream and downstream of the proposed vane diffuseraxial fan. The end result is a closely coupled highly efficient and compact fan/HRM system.

Potential Applications

This innovation can be used in any Air Handler Unit sold to the market today(About 8 million AirHandler Units being sold every year in North America). It will reduce the size of Air Handler Units by30%, and provide significant power saving(in the range of 35% or more)

Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Crisp

Email: jmcrisp@syr.edu

Phone: 315-443-5196